Command Structure for the 10th Military District

Col. Wendell Fertig, Commander of the 10th Military District

Col. Wendell Fertig, Commander of the 10th Military District

District Headquarters – Known as “GHQ”

GHQ was initially located in Misamis City, Misamis Occidental Province.  In July 1943 it was moved to Liangan, Lanao Province.  Then, on 15 October 1943, GHQ was split for security purposes.  The backup command element remained at Liangan while Col. Fertig and the main command element moved to Esperanza, Agusan Province.  In January 1944 the Japanese began an offensive to eliminate the 10th M.D. GHQ in Agusan Province.  That forced GHQ to be moved to farther upstream (south) to Talacogon and then to Pianing.  On March 31, 1945, GHQ was moved to its final location at Camp Keithly in Dansalan, Lanao Province.

Note: Between 1 January 1944 and 1 April 1945, there was an intermediate level of command between GHQ and the Divisions. This was A Corps and it exercised control of 105th, 106th, 108th and 109th Divisions.

105th Division (Misamis Occidental and Zamboanga Provinces)

  • 105th Infantry Regiment (on 24 April 1943 moved to the 108th Division and replaced by the 121st Infantry Regiment)
  • 106th Infantry Regiment
  • 107th Infantry Regiment
  • 115th Infantry Regiment

106th Division (Cotobato Province and Davao Province south of Digos)

  • 116th Infantry Regiment
  • 118th Infantry Regiment
  • 119th Infantry Regiment

107th Division (Southern portions of Surigao and Agusan Provinces and northern portion of Davao Province)

  • 111th Provisional Battalion
  • 116th Provisional Battalion
  • 130th Infantry Regiment (after it was detached from the 110th Division)
  • Special Intelligence Detachment

108th Division (Lanao Province)

  • 105th Infantry Regiment (after 24 April 1943 when it was detached from the 105th Division)
  • 108th Infantry Regiment
  • 120th Infantry Regiment
  • Maranao Militia Force (MMF)

109th Division (Misamis Oriental Province west of the Tagoloan River and all of Bukidnon Province)

  • 109th Infantry Regiment
  • 111th Infantry Regiment
  • 112th Infantry Regiment
  • 117th Infantry Regiment

110th Division (Misamis Oriental Province east of the Tagoloan River and northern portions of Agusan and Surigao Provinces)

  • 110th Infantry Regiment
  • 113th Infantry Regiment
  • 114th Infantry Regiment
  • 130th Infantry Regiment (later moved to the 107th Division)