Heroes of World War 2

Dr.  Antonio Montalvan and Sen. Jose Ozamis

Dr. Antonio Montalvan and Sen. Jose Ozamis

Dr.  Antonio Montalvan and Sen. Jose Ozamis. Heroes of World War 2 who were executed in La Loma Cemetery by the Japanese Military Police also known as the Kempeitai. They were both tortured and beheaded, but the success of their espionage operations was the deciding factor as to when and where the Americans would eventually land and liberate the Philippine Islands.

This is the list of the remains of the “spies” executed along with Dr. Montalvan and Sen. Ozamis encrypted in a mausoleum at the Manila North Cemetery, Manila after the war.
Jurika, Blanche Walter
Acop, Thomas
Alejandro, Dever
Alvarez, Jose Ma.
Arguilla, Manuel
Arthur, William
Anastasio, Manuel Col.
Banales, first name unknown
Elizalde, Juan Miguel
Enriquez, Manuel Col.
Gepte, Vicente Lt.
Grupe, Emilio
Lara, Henry de
Leon, Francisco de
Lobregat, Virgilio
Magat, Gregorio
Manosa, Jose

Montalvan, Antonio Capt.
Myers, Tom
Ozamis, Jose Lt. Col.
Perez, Cirilo
Pirovano, Enrico
Pulido, Luis
Reinoso, Nestor Capt.
Reyes, Vicente L.
Roces, Rafael R. Jr.
Soriano, Gregorio O.
Yap, Rodolfo R.