The Brave Maranaw Major Amer Manalao Mindalano PA

Silver Star

Silver Star

Awarded for actions during World War II

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 9, 1918, takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star to Major (Infantry) Manalao Mindalano, Philippine Army, for gallantry in action at Lanao, Philippine Islands, as regimental commander of the 127th Infantry Regiment, 108th Infantry Division, 10th Military District, United States Forces in the Philippines on 14 September 1943. Major Mindalano intercepted a Japanese patrol returning to Ganassi and, displaying dauntless courage, destroyed 10 hostile soldiers. Later, on 1 April 1945, when Japanese troops had surrounded part of his regiment then operating at Malabang, Lanao, he led a surprise attack from the rear and left flanks and succeeded in penetrating the enemy line, creating havoc among the foe and inflicting heavy casualties on the invaders. During this daring action against a force superior in number, arms, and equipment, Major Mindalano, despite a severe loss of men, rallied his soldiers, dispersed the enemy, and saved the entire regiment from annihilation. Major Mindalano”s inspiring leadership and sustained devotion to duty reflect great credit on himself and the Philippine Army.

General Orders: Department of the Army, General Orders No. 73 (August 9, 1951)
Action Date: September 14, 1943
Service: Foreign

Amer Manalao Mindalano from the municipalities of  Ganassi and Malabang stands out among the Maranaws as a great fighter against the Japanese during World War II.

As a guerrilla leader, Mindalano succeeded in bringing victory to his people.  Under his leadership, his guerrillas were able to limit the territorial control of the Japanese.

When Liberation came, the Maranaws elected Amer  Manalao Mindalano as Congressman.  As a lawmaker, Mindalano co-authored several bills intended to uplift the socio economic conditions of the Maranaws.  It was during the incumbency of Congressman Mindalano that contact between Muslim Filipinos and Foreign Muslims was increased.

Amer Manalao Mindalano will be remembered not only as a brave Soldier but also a brilliant lawmaker and statesman.