Guerrillas of “The West Misamis Oriental Sector.”

Maj. Angeles Limena

Maj. Angeles Limena

“The West Misamis Oriental Sector” is the name of the guerrilla group organized by Maj. Angeles  Limena  prior to joining the 10th Military District organized by Col Wendell Fertig.
The Guerrilla organization  occupied the area lying west of the Alubijid River.  It was Organized in the early days of September 1942.

Capt.  Angeles Limena (later promoted Major), the former Philippine Constabulary (PC) Provincial Commander of Misamis Oriental together with Capt. Juan K. Taduran PA(Later Promoted to Major) and Lt. Pedro Andres PA (Later Promoted to Major and transferred to and became the Commanding officer of the 106th Inf. ,105th Division) organized the guerrilla movement of Western Misamis Oriental from Lugait, Misamis Oriental to Ugbayan river, Cagayan. It was hatched in Manticao, Initao, Misamis Oriental.

The Officers of the  West of Misamis Oriental Sector Guerrillas during its conception:

Major Angeles Limena
Major Juan K. Taduran
Capt.  Laureto Talaroc
Capt. Carlos Subang
Capt. Porferio Pakingan
Capt. Ricardo Abellanosa  ( first principal of Alubijid High School after the war)
Capt. Jose Magno
Capt. Vicente Austria
Capt. Antonio Ognir

Major Juan Taduran, a Bicolano, inducted the new officers to the rank of Lieutenant:

Lt. Ramon Legaspi Sr.
Lt. Salvador Legaspi
Lt. Paterno Padua
Lt. Elson Lagrosas
Lt. Paterno Lagrosas
Lt. Elegio Pacana
Lt. Jose Carlos
Lt. Alfonso Dadole
Lt. Ben Johnson Ratunil
Lt. Gang Willkom
Lt. George Willkom
Lt. Jose Gabe
Lt. Eutiquio Madriaga
Lt. Amado Ravidas
Lt. Monico Chaves
Lt. Herculano Babatido
Lt. Edipalo Lagrosas
Lt. Jesus Juario
Lt. Romeo Villarazo
Lt. Elpedio Lagrosas.

Their Enlisted Men (EM’s) were members of the newly formed USAFFE who did not surrender to the Japanese, Members of the Philippine Constabulary,  Philippine Army, Philippine Scouts, Local Policemen, Farmers, Fishermen,  Students  and  young boys barely out of their teens who acted as runners and messengers.

On the night of October 12, 1942, Major Limena and his guerrillas raided the Pro Japanese municipal government of Initao, Misamis oriental.  The Guerrillas emptied the municipal jail and detained the Municipal officers who were appointed by the Japanese. Four days later, on October 16, 1942, they liberated the Municipality of Alubijid, Misamis Oriental.

On October 27 1942, they systematically attacked a Japanese convoy of forty trucks loaded with men and materiel from Iligan on its way to Cagayan.  In almost all hours of the day and night, only 23 trucks reached Cagayan on the 5th of November 1942.  Seventeen trucks have been wrecked in transit and many Japanese personnel killed and supplies destroyed.

From then on, this unit became the scourge of Japanese Army patrols as far as Iponan, until it became the 109th Infantry Regiment, 109th Division under Lt. Col. Robert Bowler.

Lt. Gang Willkom

Lt. Gang Willkom


The West Misamis Oriental Guerrilla’s  had  its own “NAVY” composed of fishing boats and a fast  gunboat  courtesy of the Willkom family who used to own the first Taxi fleet of Cagayan de Misamis before  the war.   The boat was armed with a .50 cal. Machinegun and was faster than any of the Japanese launches operating in the area and runs on gasoline made of eleven percent alcohol distilled from “tuba” or coconut wine.
In the three years of its existence as an Organization, it also operated a Hospital with a full complement of doctors and nurses.  The doctors who served the Guerrilla unit “The West Misamis Oriental” were:
Dr. Felixberto Abellanosa
Dr. Rizalino Frias
Dr. Jose Cruz
Dr. Blas Velez
Dr. Ferrer
Dr. Amando Casino

The Unit was able to function as such without aid from America and was fully supported by the civilian population native to the area and refugees from Cagayan, Bukidnon and Iligan who made the guerrilla controlled area their home for three years.  In Mid-1943, with the welfare of his guerrillas in mind, Maj. Limena  finally allowed the incorporation of his unit with the 10th Military district of Col Wendell Fertig.  But that is another story.

An unpublished book, “The Barefoot Army” by Engr. Jesus “Jake” B. Ilogon who in his youth  was with Maj. Limena during the war years served as a guide in making this blog.  Pictures were grabbed from Kagay-an Kaniadto, a wonderful community of Cagayanons with a common interest of re learning the City’s history.

In memory of Engr. Jesus "Jake" Bongato Ilogon, Dutiful Son, Faithful Husband, wonderful father and hero to us all.

In memory of Engr. Jesus “Jake” Bongato Ilogon, Dutiful Son, Faithful Husband, wonderful father and hero to us all.